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Donald Judd™ Furniture
101 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012
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Donald Judd™ is a registered trademark of Judd Foundation.


Donald Judd™ Furniture maintains established relationships with select galleries and furniture dealers. Please inquire for referral closest to your location.

Donald Judd™ Furniture is represented by Salon 94 Design in North America.

Salon 94 Design
3 East 89th Street
New York, New York 10128


All proceeds benefit Judd Foundation, a non-profit organization based in New York and Marfa, Texas.

Return Policy

All sales of Donald Judd™ Furniture are final.

Pricing & Tax

Prices listed on this website are in US dollars. Prices do not include applicable sales tax or shipping and are subject to change. Laws regarding taxation of merchandise, freight and handling are subject to destination; to be determined with each order. Donald Judd™ Furniture reserves the right to restrict or cancel orders.

Lead Time

The lead time for Custom Order furniture is a minimum of 48 weeks for wood and about 16 weeks for metal.


Customers are responsible for cost and arrangement of shipping from Donald Judd™ Furniture to destination of choice. Please note United States (California) as the origin for wood furniture and Switzerland (Dübendorf) as the origin for metal furniture. Orders are subject to import fees based on country of destination.

Transcon International is the preferred shipper of Donald Judd™ Furniture for domestic and international service. Please contact +1 718 585 1762 for shipping information.

Donald Judd™ Furniture is not able to provide or guarantee shipping quotes before or as orders are placed.

Care & Treatment

Use a microfiber cloth when dusting Donald Judd™ Furniture. Do not use any solvents on wood, metal, or painted aluminum furniture. Only distilled water is recommended. Surfaces will change over time, wood will darken and materials, such as copper, will tarnish. For further assistance with cleaning or repair, please contact a furniture specialist or conservator.

Appraisal & Authentication

Donald Judd™ Furniture does not authenticate or offer financial appraisals or evaluations of Donald Judd™ designed furniture from any era of production. Nor does it assist or advise in the disposal of private property or express opinions regarding the merits of appraisal firms. Donald Judd™ Furniture accepts no legal or other responsibility for any opinion that may be expressed about a piece of Donald Judd™ designed furniture.

Furniture Numbers

Furniture numbers reference the 1993 Museum Boymans-van Beuningen Donald Judd Furniture: Retrospective exhibition catalogue for wood pieces and Lehni AG production numbers for metal pieces.


Ayala de Chinati is the name Donald Judd designated for his ranch south of Marfa, Texas, . He designed the AdeC as a ranch branding iron with the Basque word, Ayala, which denotes a region where slope and meadow meet.

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